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We are looking for business partners!

We dedicate our life to this road trip project to let our American Dream come true.

To succeed we need the help of partners and supporters. And we can give back.

Check out whether we should become partners!

We provide targeted brand and product visibility to selected audiences.

Target Audiences

Our content will address combinations of these audiences.


  • Singles and couples
  • age 30 to 70
  • Americans, Europeans, Asians


  • travelling by car, plane, motorcycle or RV
  • outdoor sports
  • photography
  • hotels & wellness
  • food
  • landscapes & cities
  • history & sciences
  • life in America


Your brand or product will be visible in combinations of these options.


  • on the car, motorcycle, RV
  • on equipment
  • on flyers and posters
  • on products


  • mentions in articles and posts
  • visible on photos and in videos
  • in digital products
  • on the partner area
  • on our website
  • in our email newsletter
  • on our Social Media channels


There are many options how we could work together.

Partnership Types

  • Life Partner
  • Project Partner
  • State Partner
  • Supporter
  • Sponsor

Options to help

  • provide equipment
  • provide services
  • provide knowhow
  • provide information
  • provide marketing
  • provide money

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