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Heinz in Miami, Florida
<h2>Our American Dream Road Trip</h2>

There is no one-and-only American Dream – and we have our very special one.

The USA are big, wide and diverse. Too big to live everywhere for some time and there are too many options for a single life to check out. Yet we are going to try.

We are a married couple from Germany and we will travel the USA, all 50 states, within a period of 5 years.

This won’t happen as a single road trip but we divide the tour into several sections. In the end, these sections combined will connect to a single round trip through all capitols of the 50 states (well, there will be two gaps when it comes to Alaska and Hawaii).



We will visit every state, every state capitol and every National Park.

Along our trip there will be interesting people, great landscapes, hidden places and in the end we hope to know how it is, life in America.

It’s about to find out the very nature of every single part of this great country.

Why do we do that?

A big dream already came true and now we are allowed to live in the USA! Right now we are planning our final move in early 2018.

We had to choose where to live in the US and we asked ourselves, what’s that country like? We had no simple answer and we noticed that we didn’t know much about many states and regions.

So we had to find out. For ourselves, to make the right choice and for everyone else who likes to join us.

We want to take you with us on our trip. We want to tell you what we’re going to explore, our thoughts, emotions and experiences. See it for yourself!

That’s our American Dream.

Jennifer in Miami, Florida
<h2>How this helps you</h2>

Travel with us

  • be part of our travel team
  • see where we are going to
  • find out travel secrets
  • learn how to travel with equipment

Discover USA

  • enjoy high-quality photography
  • watch professional videos
  • join real-time hangouts
  • view great landscapes
  • see urban life

Live in the States

  • meet locals in every state
  • learn from interesting people
  • get motivated by stories of life
  • get to know the spirit

Plan your trip

  • plan your next trip
  • get valuable travel tips
  • know where to stay and eat
  • follow our path
<h2>Want some foretaste?</h2>

What you can expect – here are some images from our previous trips to the USA.

<h2>Who we are</h2>
Heinz & Jennifer on top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Heinz R. Vahlbruch

Traveller, Writer, Scientist

Hi, I’m Heinz!

Being a software developer for years now it’s time to make a cut and focus on the things I love: travelling and writing.

Besides writing, video and travel photography are my parts and I’ll also take care of the technical side of our project, do the trip planning and the marketing.

Together with my wife I travelled a lot in Europe and America, we are outdoor people and experienced in the mountains too.

I’m very interested in Sciences and this brings up a lot of exciting places to visit!

With my tourism consulting business I help my clients to get more and happy guests.

Hope to see you!

Jennifer Vahlbruch

Traveller, Photographer

Hi, I’m Jennifer!

I’m a professional fine art photographer and the creative part of our project.

My main areas are landscape and food photography and I’m a specialist for panoramic photography. I’m not talking with words, I want my images to tell you their story.

I love to catch the moment, preserve the subject to leave it to posterity since our world changes so quickly.

With my work I’m helping my customers to bring life to their empty walls with my fine art prints and my commercial clients to deliver their values visually.

Check my website at for more of my work.

Take care!

We’d love to have you with us!

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